PROPEL (2017)

Fiercely bold and physical new works from four of Australasia’s hottest young choreographers.

Brimming with rich diversity and beauty, Propel showcases the latest in daring contemporary dance, featuring works from China’s Xu Yiming and Australia’s Lisa Wilson, Amy Hollingsworth and Elise May.

Lisa Wilson’s Hollow Lands examines the powerful feelings that surge inside us when we come to the brink… creating a work that teeters between abandonment and structure. Inspired by the sculptural light instillation Through Hollow Lands by Etta Lilienthal, this striking work features a dramatic lighting design by Ben Hughes.

Contemporary dance powerhouse, Amy Hollingsworth draws you into the all-consuming, heartbreaking and exhilarating rollercoaster of human relationships. Deeper Than Ink captures the emotional intensity of someone being inked on your soul, deeper than any tattoo.

In an Australian premiere, Chinese choreographer Xu Yiming presents his acclaimed solo Waiting Alone, with choreography that redefines movement.

Elise May's Written on the Body highlights the power we each hold to determine who we let into our intimate private world, how each person shapes the way we perceive ourselves and how each encounter changes our future. Who have you let in? And where will it lead?

3 - 11 March, 2017

  Amy Hollingsworth
... Elise May
  Xu Yiming
Designer Alana Sargent
Lighting Designer Ben Hughes

Dancers                               Michelle Barnett
                                              Richard Causer
                                              Benjamin Chapman
                                              Elise May
                                              Jake McLarnon
                                              Alana Sargent



"In a nutshell, 'Propel' 2017 is brimming with creativity, and showcases the latest in daring contemporary dance … " SCENESTR

"The EDC dancers are a powerful mix of artist, performer, and extreme athlete ... If you haven’t been to an Expressions Dance Company (EDC) show, you are missing some of the most evocative performances in Brisbane … " AUSSIE THEATRE.COM

"The dancers all shone throughout the whole performance. Athletic, expressive, and each with an individual style, they are inspiring and energising to watch." XS ENTERTAINMENT

Photos by Fiona Cullen | Video by Andy Green