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FOCUS - Professional Development for dancers teachers

In 2018, EDC will continue its FOCUS Professional Development Days for high school teachers.

Offered twice a year, EDC’s FOCUS workshops feature a variety of contemporary dance techniques, repertoire and discussion to expand and develop your skills for the classroom.

You'll participate in workshops that align with assessment practices of the syllabus focusing on choreography and choreographic development, technique, repertoire (performance assessment) and developing an understanding of how Natalie Weir creates her work (appreciation). You'll also work alongside the EDC Ensemble to learn repertoire from EDC works.

For more information or to book contact EDC on admin@expressionsdancecompany.org.au or call 07 3257 4222.


The dancing body and the moving image:
multimedia elements workshop

When: 16 April 2018, 9am-3pm
Where: EDC Studio, Level 4, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Cost: $135 per person

Engage with multimedia in a creative workshop led by EDC that will help you to navigate the dance film/ technology genre. Discover, play and refine your skills in this new and increasingly relevant area of exploration in education.

Using a variety of approaches to screen-dance, we will explore some of the best approaches, simple technologies and techniques for incorporating dance and film in your classroom and stimulate ideas for generating creative approaches to learning.  We will move from the studio to the site-specific areas of the valley as each of us capture the dancing body as moving images and help you to develop classroom tasks and activities that explore this rich medium.


When: TBA
Where: EDC Studio, Level 4, Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts
Cost: $135 per person

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