Double Impact for Dance

EDC's Double Impact for Dance campaign will expand our youth program. Every dollar you donate will be matched through the Creative Partnerships Australia's (CPA) Plus1 program


Awaken, Expand and Flourish

Your donation will enable us to deliver this program to a regional area and to open the Brisbane Awaken intensive to younger age groups, offering more contemporary dance-focused opportunities to even more young Queensland dancers than ever.

Brisbane Contemporary Dance Intensive (BCDI) is Queensland’s most highly regarded short training course for contemporary dance. Delivered with the support of our Training Partner, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), this intensive is offered annually in both Summer and Winter and caters for ages 12 through to 17+.

Running from 3 days for the introductory program Awaken and 1 to 2 weeks for the pre-tertiary and pre-professional programs Expand and Flourish it allows participants the opportunity to learn with EDC’s award-winning dancers, alongside a handpicked selection of industry renowned guest artists.

Throughout the program, students refine their technique, develop their performance skills through exploring EDC repertoire and deepen their ability to create unique and engaging dance. Additionally, the teaching team offer their personal insights through sessions discussing physical fitness, nutrition, audition processes, career pathways and more.


Through your donation matched by Plus1 we will deliver a FOCUS program in regional South East Queensland and expand our use of online technologies to reach teachers across the state. By increasing access to regional areas, we can share skills to benefit the future of contemporary dance across Queensland.

Offered twice a year, EDC’s FOCUS professional development workshops feature a variety of contemporary dance techniques, repertoire and discussion to expand and develop skills for the classroom or dance studio. Focus takes place in the EDC Studio at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, in Fortitude Valley, Brisbane.

Teachers participate in workshops that align with assessment practices of the syllabus focusing on choreography and choreographic development, technique, repertoire (performance assessment) and developing an understanding of how Natalie Weir creates her work (appreciation). Participants work alongside the EDC ensemble to learn repertoire from EDC works.


Your donation will enable us to establish a Youth Dance Company (YDC) in the second half of 2018.

The YDC program will be designed for participants aged 12 - 18, to discover and explore the joy of dance in a safe and fun learning environment. We endeavour to engage with culturally and linguistically diverse students, to create uplifting experiences through the universal language of dance.  Through the YDC, we will be able to touch young lives in a unique way, with the aim of developing confidence, communication skills and self-expression.

Photos of Brisbane Contemporary Dance Intensive (BCDI) by FenLan Chuang

The Double Impact for Dance Campaign is supported by Creative Partnerships Australia through Plus1. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.