Carmen Sweet On Tour

Natalie Weir's CARMEN SWEET

Natalie Weir's CARMEN SWEET


This iconic tale of Spanish heat and gypsy passion unravels when naïve soldier Don José has his heart ignited by the fiery Carmen, discarding his childhood sweetheart and deserting the army. Josè's attempts to tame the freedom-loving beauty are futile, and when she leaves him for the famous toreador Escamillo, all three are engulfed in the flames of jealousy and revenge.

Opera's most famous femme fatale is stripped bare in Natalie Weir's sumptuous new dance interpretation of the legendary Carmen story, performed to Shchedrin's gripping Carmen Suite by the stunning EDC ensemble of six dancers. Weir's Carmen is a free spirit; dangerous, volatile and vulnerable, brought to vivid life by three dancers playing her different states of mind and alter egos.


COMPOSER Rodoin Shchedrin

DESIGN Bill Haycock


DANCERS Expressions Dance Company

Produced in partnership with QPAC.


“A brilliant piece of dance theatre.” The Courier-Mail

“A short, sharp and very entertaining interpretation of a classic tale... Four stars.” Artshub

“The movement is vintage Weir, carving shapes in the air like a sculptor’s chisel – clean and precise, but also lusciously evocative.Dance Australia

“Weir’s movement always generates excitement. There’s a visceral thrill of seeing bodies propelling through space, dancers launching themselves or being hurled in all directions. The intricacies of Weir’s lift transitions, executed seamlessly by her superb ensemble, are another Weir hallmark.” The Courier-Mail

“A heady mix of passion, poisonous rage and plaintive love… It is easy to see why this is EDC’s most popular production.” Scene Magazine

“A must-see performance… The combination of breathtaking choreography and inspiring dancers will leave you in awe and wanting more.” DanceBNE

“A thoroughly engaging dance experience.” Stage Whispers

“World-class contemporary dance.” XS Entertainment

Photos by Dylan Evans