To help us to improve our BCDI delivery, please prepare 3 photos of yourself for our application process. (please ask a friend or family member to take the following photographs for you. iPhone/ smartphone quality photos will be sufficient). Please upload these photos in the form below when applying

Photograph 1:  
Full length body photograph, facing the camera (front) Legs first position demi-plié (turn out).
 Arms in ballet fifth position.

Photograph 2:
Full length body photograph, facing profile (side on to the camera)
Tendu the leg (closest to the camera) to second position (turn out) Arms in ballet second position. 

Photograph 3
One headshot (Portrait photograph of your face, neck and shoulders) f
or identification purposes only.  


All payment details and further information will be included in our Welcome Pack. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jade on 07 3257 4222 or at

Brisbane Contemporary Dance Intensive (Summer 2018) - Application Form