About Us

Expressions Dance Company (EDC) is Queensland's premier contemporary dance company with an ensemble of 6-8 dancers. For 32 years EDC has created more than 170 works by 75 different choreographers and has enjoyed 22 international tours to 17 countries and 23 major Queensland tours.

EDC is defined by its commitment to excellence in performance, sector development and education, all contributing to the evolution and future of contemporary Australian dance.

Under the leadership of internationally acclaimed Artistic Director Natalie Weir (appointed 2009), and with the talents of an extraordinary ensemble of dancers, the company’s work is achieving significant recognition through national awards.

Natalie Weir is as an established and acclaimed choreographer, known internationally for her highly physical partner work, her organic movement style and her touching insight into human nature. Natalie’s signature works for EDC include where the heart is (2010 and 2012), R&J (2011) and When Time Stops (2013), The Red Shoes (2014) and 7 Deadly Sins (2015).  Natalie has also created smaller works for EDC including While Others Sleep, Raw (2010), Don’t, The Lament (2012), Carmen Sweet (2013) and The Host (2015).

Recently, EDC’s commitment to cultural collaboration has been articulated through its Chinese Australian Dance Exchange Project, a groundbreaking partnership with China's leading contemporary dance companies. Additional cultural collaboration highlights include Singapore Dance Theatre’s celebrated Ballet Under The Stars event in 2013, which included the world premiere of Natalie’s 4Seasons and a special performance of EDC’s Carmen SweetFirst Ritual with LDTX/BeijingDance (2010 and 2011) and Scripsi Scriptum (2011 and 2012) collaboration with Switzerland based Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble.

Expressions Dance Company ensemble includes Michelle Barnett, Richard Causer Benjamin Chapman, Jake McLarnon, Alana Sargent and Elise May.

“This strong company produces some extraordinary performances, matching the best seen on QPAC stages.” The Australian

“Weir’s movement always generates excitement. There’s a visceral thrill of seeing bodies propelling through space, dancers launching themselves or being hurled in all directions. The intricacies of Weir’s lift transitions, executed seamlessly by her superb ensemble, are another Weir hallmark.” The Courier-Mail

“A stunning display of grace, strength, and pure raw emotions.” Brisbane Times

“Expressions Dance Company continues to carve its path as leading Australian artists.” Australian Stage


To enrich Australian culture by communicating human emotion through contemporary dance theatre.


Our art underpins our identity.

Our dancers underpin our reputation.

Our community underpins our capacity.

Our organisation underpins our delivery.